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Residence / Villa Protection Solutions

Security has gained prominence worldwide with increased violence and potential threat to your family members. Nowadays, the crime rate is increasing around the world due to wide economic fluctuations. Many have lost their jobs and source of income. In reality, the harsh economic conditions could force desperate people to rob or kill for want of money. Alternatively, easily available weapons and lure of easy money may tempt misguided people to rob homes. Further, burglars can break into your home anytime conveniently and get away with their loot to leave you and your family in trauma and, perhaps, financial distress. Therefore it is extremely important and a wise decision, to protect your loved one’s by securing your home and other properties to have peace of mind.

We will protect your family and valuables weather you are at home or not. Your security alarm system is directly connected to our Central monitoring station 24/7. No sooner an alarm signal triggers we will respond immediately and deploy our Guardian team and inform Police, Fire Department, Ambulance service and medical assistance depending on the nature of the alarm signal.

We provide the following three major functions,

  1. Perimeter protection – the parapet wall and the garden
  2. Interior back up protection – outer doors and windows
  3. Interior protection – inside vulnerable areas such as pergolas, indoor gardens, roof/ceiling

Make you’re home a safe place with PENTA intruder alarm system and you will have a peace of mind.